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Tiff Villagomez is an American social media influencer and model who has gained significant popularity on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. She is most well known for her lifestyle, fashion, and travel content which she shares with her over 700k followers online.

At just 22 years old, Tiff has already made a name for herself in the influencer space. Besides influencer marketing, she has expanded into the business world by co-founding a beauty brand and activewear line, demonstrating her entrepreneurial drive.

So who is Tiff Villagomez, and what is her story? Read on to find out more about the rising social star’s background, career, net worth, personal relationships and more.

Early Life and Background

Tiffany Villagomez, who goes by her nickname Tiff online, was born on November 11, 2001 in California. She was raised in Orange County in a middle-class family and lived a comfortable childhood.

Details about her parents and early life are scarce since she keeps that part of her life private. But she has occasionally posted photos on Instagram with her mother and sister, showing she comes from a loving family.

As a teen, Tiff attended a local high school where she likely got her first taste of popularity. With her gorgeous looks, vibrant personality and sense of style, she probably stood out from the typical high schooler crowd early on.

Rise to Fame as an Influencer

Tiff began posting on Instagram back in 2014 when she was about 13 years old. Like many young teens, she enjoyed putting up photos showing slices of her life and outfits of the day.

Her account initially drew in friends from high school who liked and commented on her posts. But things took a turn by 2016 when her follower count began to rapidly increase.

As more people discovered her Instagram page, they were drawn to the bubbly SoCal girlâ€TMs lifestyle and modeling shots. Tiff had carved out a specialty in bright, fun fashion and travel content that popped on people’s feeds.

By the time she graduated high school in 2019 at age 18, Tiff had become bonafide Instagram famous with an audience of 300k+ followers.

Besides Instagram, she joined TikTok in 2019 and adapted her content style for that platform too. Her TikToks showing behind-the-scenes clips from photoshoots along with dance trends resonated hugely, skyrocketing her fame even more.

Today in 2024, Tiff boasts over 700k followers across Instagram and TikTok. She works full-time as a content creator and influencer marketing her skills to various fashion and beauty brands.

Ventures and Brand Partnerships

The boom in her online fame coincided perfectly with Tiff’s high school graduation in 2019. Rather than head straight for college like some of her peers, she decided to take a chance by postponing higher education to pursue influencer marketing.

This turned out be a smart move career-wise. Tiff swiftly began partnering with a multitude of brands who wanted to tap into her young fanbase. From boutique fashion labels to trendy makeup companies, she marketed all types of products.

Some of the most notable brands she has created sponsored content for include Revolve, Lulus, Princess Polly, Sephora, Tarte Cosmetics, Too Faced Cosmetics, White Fox Boutique and more. Her sponsorship deals and affiliate revenue quickly became lucrative.

Additionally, Tiff leveraged her personal brand into creating her own companies:

PrettyLittleBrand – A beauty brand she co-founded focusing on luxury lashes and aesthetic accessories

Villagomez Collection – An activewear clothing line she created along with her sister selling cutely designed leggings and sets

Owning her own side brands outside of influencing added extra income streams to boost her net worth over the years.

Net Worth and Income Sources

As of 2024, Tiff Villagomez is estimated to have a net worth hovering around $700k based on her various income channels.

The bulk of her wealth comes from paid sponsorships and affiliate marketing with brands. As an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers, Tiff can easily charge $5,000 to $10,000 per sponsored post.

In a year she likely bags over $100k from sponsored and affiliate content alone.

On top of that, her side beauty and clothing brands called PrettyLittleBrand and Villagomez Collection bring in additional revenue from product sales. While hard sales numbers are private, these brands probably net another $200k+ yearly.

Additional income stems from other monetization methods too like YouTube video ads, selling merchandise, live stream gifting, etc.

In summary, Tiffâ€TMs earnings include:

  • Brand sponsorships
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Beauty brand company
  • Clothing line company
  • Ad revenue
  • Merch sales
  • Gifting

Considering all her income streams combined, Tiff earns a healthy mid six-figure yearly salary even in her early 20s. By diversifying beyond just influencing into entrepreneurship, she has multiplied her assets and net worth.

As her audience and businesses expand, Tiffâ€TMs net worth has potential to cross into seven figures eventually. For now though, her estimated $700k net worth is already remarkably lucrative.

Personal Life and Relationships

While Tiff shares a lot about her professional life online, she keeps most details about her romantic relationships private.

In the past, she has occasionally posted photos with guy friends which led fans to speculate about possible relationships. But Tiff herself remained vague about actually confirming if she was dating anyone.

As of 2024 though, there are hints that she may currently have a serious boyfriend. Some sharp-eyed fans claim her recent vacation and holiday photos showed a mystery man who could be her beau.

Until Tiff herself confirms things though, her relationship status technically remains unverified and under wraps.

Regardless of whether she has a partner currently, family always remains a constant pillar of support in her life. Despite having a hectic influencing schedule, the young star makes time to meet her parents and younger sister regularly.

Tiff seems to enjoy staying grounded in her SoCal roots rather than getting caught up in fameâ€TMs less glamorous aspects. From glimpses she shares online, much of her family lives nearby which provides a stabilizing force outside the spotlight.

Tiff By The Numbers

22 years old

5′ 3â€3 height

700k+ total followers

$700k net worth estimate

6 years as an influencer

2 personal brands created


In concluding this profile on rising social media maven Tiff Villagomez, itâ€TMs clear she possesses smarts and vision beyond her years. Rather than sticking to a conventional career path after high school, she bet on herself by diving full time into influencing and content creation.

That risk has paid off in spades with lucrative sponsorships, her own brands, real estate assets, and an almost million-dollar net worth by just age 22. While still at the start of her career, Tiff serves as inspiration for young people wanting to turn online fame into a fruitful profession.

With many more years ahead, her future looks bright in terms of finances and fame. One thing looks certain – huge things lie ahead for Tiff Villagomez that will cement her as an icon influencer for Gen Z.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How old is Tiff Villagomez? She is currently 22 years old as of 2024, born November 11, 2001.

Where is Tiff Villagomez from originally? She grew up in Orange County, California and still lives in the area.

What is Tiffâ€TMs real full name?
Her full name at birth is Tiffany Villagomez.

What is Tiff Villagomezâ€TMs height? She is 5 foot 3 inches tall.

What race/ethnicity is Tiff? While not fully confirmed, she appears to be of Hispanic heritage.

What brands has Tiff worked with? Some brands she has partnered with include Revolve, Lulus, Too Faced Cosmetics, Tarte, and Princess Polly.

What businesses does Tiff own? She co-founded a beauty brand called PrettyLittleBrand and owns an activewear line named Villagomez Collection.

Who makes up Tiff’s family? While she keeps her family private, she has two parents and a younger sister who make appearances on her Instagram occasionally.

Who is Tiffâ€TMs boyfriend?
As of 2024 she has not officially confirmed having a boyfriend, but some fans speculate she may currently be dating a mystery man after recent vacation photos surfaced.

What is Tiffâ€TMs net worth? Her estimated net worth as of 2024 is around $700k.

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