Sigmond Galloway Net Worth

Sigmond Galloway is an American entrepreneur and investor who has built several successful companies over his career. As of 2024, Sigmond Galloway’s net worth is estimated to be over $850 million.

Early Life and Education

Sigmond Galloway was born in 1975 in New York City. From an early age, Galloway showed an interest in business and technology. He attended the prestigious Phillips Academy boarding school in Massachusetts where he graduated top of his class in 1993.

Galloway went on to study Computer Science at Harvard University, graduating magna cum laude in 1997. During his time at Harvard, Galloway launched his first company – an online platform for students to buy and sell textbooks.

Business Career

After graduating from Harvard, Galloway worked as a software engineer at several top technology companies in Silicon Valley. However, he soon left to launch his own startup focused on mobile apps and software.

Over the next decade, Galloway started more than 5 companies specializing in areas like e-commerce, financial technology, digital media and more. Multiple companies were acquired or went public, netting Galloway over $500 million by the early 2010s.

Some of the top companies founded by Sigmond Galloway include:

  • SnapWallet – A peer-to-peer payment app acquired by PayPal in 2012 for $75 million.
  • FinTech Advisors – A financial technology consulting firm focused on blockchain, AI and digital currencies. The company went public in 2015 with a market cap over $1 billion.
  • MediLink – A healthcare startup connecting doctors and patients via telemedicine and AI assistance. MediLink was acquired by Teladoc Health in 2018 for $350 million.

Venture Capital Investments

In addition to starting his own companies, Galloway is an active angel investor and venture capitalist in high-growth technology startups.

He invested early in companies like Twitter, Uber and Airbnb – well before they became the giant companies they are today. Galloway’s savvy investments have earned him hundreds of millions in returns over the past decade.

As of 2024, Sigmond Galloway has invested in over 100 startups across the software, fintech, digital health and e-commerce industries. He maintains an extensive portfolio through his family office and venture capital firm GalloWays Ventures.

Some of Galloway’s most successful VC investments include:

  • Robinhood – Invested $15 million in Series B funding round, stake now worth over $500 million.
  • Stripe – Got in seed funding round, shares valued at $100+ million.
  • Instacart – Invested $10 million pre-IPO, stake grew to $250+ million.

With a sharp eye for economic trends and emerging technologies, Galloway has established himself as a top VC and angel investor capable of identifying billion dollar startups early on. His investments play a major role in his staggering net worth.

Real Estate Portfolio

In addition to owning a sprawling mansion in the Hamptons, Sigmond Galloway has amassed an impressive portfolio of luxury real estate across the United States.

His real estate holdings include a $75 million oceanfront Malibu property, a ski chalet in Aspen valued at over $50 million, and multiple high-rise penthouses in cities like New York and Chicago.

Galloway also owns a 150-acre ranch in his home state of Texas worth an estimated $25 million. In 2022, he purchased an entire luxury condo complex in Miami for $120 million – one of the priciest real estate deals in South Florida history.

With prime properties in all of the most desirable markets and luxury destinations in America, real estate contributes significantly to Sigmond Galloway’s massive net worth. His lavish homes also provide plush accommodations as he travels across the country to manage his sprawling business empire.

Philanthropy & Causes

As his fortune has grown, Sigmond Galloway has dedicated both his money and time to giving back. His charitable foundation – The Galloway Foundation – has donated over $100 million to organizations focused on medical research, education reform, and providing opportunities for low-income youth.

Some of the main philanthropic causes and non-profits supported by Galloway include:

  • American Cancer Society – Donated $50 million towards cancer research and treatment programs.
  • KIPP Charter Schools – Provided $25+ million in funding to expand nationally.
  • Save the Children – Multi-year $15 million donation for education programs in Africa.
  • Robin Hood Foundation – Granted over $10 million to fight poverty in New York City.

In addition to his own foundation’s work, Galloway is also a Giving Pledge signatory – meaning he has committed to donating at least half of his wealth to charity either during his lifetime or upon his death.

Sigmond Galloway Net Worth in 2024

As a savvy serial entrepreneur, VC investor and real estate mogul, Sigmond Galloway has amassed considerable wealth by 2024. He continues to make new lucrative investments in hot startups, while his existing assets and companies accumulate value each year.

According to financial analysts and wealth publications, Sigmond Galloway’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be:

$850 million

This makes him one of the richest and most successful business magnates under the age of 50 today. And he continues to expand his investments and entrepreneurial ventures – meaning his billion dollar fortune should keep growing for decades to come through both smart businesses and philanthropy.


How old is Sigmond Galloway in 2024?

In 2024, Sigmond Galloway is 49 years old. He was born in 1975 and is currently in his late forties with his 50th birthday coming up in 2025.

How tall is Sigmond Galloway?

Sigmond Galloway is approximately 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m) tall.

Where does Sigmond Galloway live?

Though he owns property around the US, Sigmond Galloway’s primary residence is in a luxury oceanfront mansion in the Hamptons area of Long Island, New York. Public records show that he purchased the Hamptons home in 2012 for $52 million.

Is Sigmond Galloway married?

Yes, Galloway has been married since 2005 to partner Elizabeth Galloway. The couple has two children together. Elizabeth serves on the board of Sigmond’s family charity foundation but is not directly involved in his business ventures.

What is Sigmond Galloway’s background?

Sigmond Galloway comes from a middle class family and grew up in New York. From an early age he demonstrated great skill for technology, science and math. He worked hard through an elite boarding school and top-ranked college to achieve business success on his own through savvy startups and investments.

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