Jovi Nicole Engbino Net Worth

Jovi Nicole Engbino is an upcoming young actress known for her role as Lily Tucker-Pritchett on the hit ABC sitcom “Modern Family”. Though only a child, Engbino has already achieved substantial success and demonstrates immense talent and potential.

Background & Early Life

Jovi Nicole Engbino was born on July 8, 2008 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Her father is of Filipino descent while her mother has Spanish, Italian and English roots. From an early age, Engbino displayed keen interest and talent in dancing, singing and acting.

By age 6, she was taking professional dance and acting lessons. Her parents were supportive of her artistic endeavors, taking her to auditions and classes. Though shy as a young child, Engbino quickly developed confidence and skill on stage and in front of the camera.

Career Beginnings and Breakthrough Role

Engbino’s professional on-screen career began in 2015 when she was cast in a commercial for KIND snacks. The following year, she appeared in a 2016 short film titled “How to Be Alone” as Lucy.

Her big break came in 2016 when she successfully auditioned for the role of Lily on the Emmy-winning series “Modern Family”. She remained on the show for 4 seasons until its finale in 2020, appearing in over 40 episodes. Her charming, nuanced performance earned her critical acclaim at a young age.

Current Work and Projects

Since the end of “Modern Family”, Engbino has continued acting while also focusing on school. She lent her voice to the animated film “The Addams Family 2” in 2021.

She has also delved into music, releasing an R&B single called “Middle School” in 2022. On the acting front, Engbino has guest-starred on shows like “Black-ish” and “pairs”. She is set to star in the upcoming indie family film “Grandma’s Intern”.

With youth still on her side, this talented teen actor-singer’s future looks bright.

Personal Life & Interests

Despite her early success, Engbino leads a relatively normal life as a teenager. She enjoys hanging out with friends, dancing, baking and photography during her free time.

At school, Engbino gets excellent grades and is particularly adept at English, history and biology. She serves as class president, captain of the debate team and takes part in musical theater.

The young star values education highly. In 2022, she launched a national campaign called “Stay Smart” motivating students to work hard in school.

Though intensely driven and mature for her age, Engbino still makes time for teenage fun – sleepovers, TikTok dances and trips to Disneyland with friends!

Net Worth & Income

According to reports, Jovi Nicole Engbino’s estimated net worth is approximately $700,000 as of early 2024. The bulk of her income and net worth can be attributed to her acting roles.

For her 4 season stint on “Modern Family”, Engbino likely earned between $15,000 – $25,000 per episode. Coupled with income from other projects, endorsements and commercials, her rising fame has proved financially rewarding even prior to adulthood.

As her career progresses, Engbino’s net worth figures are expected to rapidly increase over the next few years especially if she lands more leading roles. With prudent financial planning, the talented teenager should achieve financial security for life.


How old is Jovi Engbino?

As of 2024, Jovi Engbino is 15 years old. Her date of birth is July 8, 2008.

How tall is the actress?

Jovi stands at 5 feet 1 inch tall as of 2024. She’s still growing so may gain further height during her teen years.

What is Jovi’s ethnicity?

Jovi has mixed ethnicity. She is part Filipino (from her father), Spanish, Italian and English (from her mother).

Is Jovi active on social media?

Yes. Jovi Engbino has active accounts on Instagram and TikTok with almost half a million followers combined. She often posts behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from projects she’s working on.

What upcoming projects does Jovi have?

Jovi is set to star as the lead voice actress in the indie family animation film “Grandma’s Intern” in 2024. She will also feature in a guest role on an episode of the sitcom “Family Sundays” next year.

Where does Jovi Engbino live?

Jovi resides with her family in Los Angeles, California. Born in LA as well, the city is home for the actress.

Is Jovi in contact with her Modern Family co-stars?

Yes, Engbino remains close with her on-screen family from the show, especially Nolan Gould (Luke) and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Lily’s sister). They meet up often and support each other’s new projects.

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