Eliyanah Monroe Net Worth

Eliyanah Monroe is an American social media influencer and model who has gained significant popularity on Instagram and TikTok. With over 800k followers on Instagram, Eliyanah is considered a rising star and influencer. In this article, we explore Eliyanah’s background, career, personal life, net worth and more as of 2024.

Early Life and Background

Eliyanah Monroe was born on March 13, 2001 in Los Angeles, California, making her 22 years old as of 2024. Not much is known about her family and upbringing as Eliyanah tends to keep her personal life private. However, some reports indicate that she comes from a middle-class family and was raised in LA by her parents.

From a young age, Eliyanah was interested in fashion, modeling and social media. She started experimenting with makeup and fashion blogs while still in high school. After graduating, she decided to pursue modeling and influencer marketing as a full-time career.

Rise to Fame on Instagram

Eliyanah started her Instagram account in 2017 while still in high school. She began posting fashion and beauty photos showcasing her distinct style. Her gorgeous looks and influencer marketing skills helped her gain followers rapidly on the platform.

Within a year she had over 300k Instagram followers. Now, as of 2024, she has over 800k loyal followers. Brands took notice of her soaring popularity and she started securing sponsorship deals and brand partnerships. Her Instagram features professional modeling shots, fashion style posts, travel photos and collaborations with brands like Fashion Nova, Allow Beauty and SavageXFenty.

Success on TikTok

Aside from Instagram, Eliyanah also gained a sizable following on TikTok starting from late 2019. She posts fun dancing videos, creative TikTok clips showing off fashionable looks, makeup tutorials and comedy skits.

While she has just over 200k followers on TikTok, her videos have received over 3 million total likes. Eliyanah’s talent for creating viral TikTok content has grown her fanbase. She continues working with musicians and brands to promote songs and products through sponsored TikTok videos.

Modeling Career & Brand Partnerships

With a strong social media presence and stunning looks, Monroe has established herself as a successful influencer model. She has an elite profile on the influencer marketing platform Barracuda. Eliyanah lists her rates for sponsored Instagram posts at $1,272 USD and $2,272 for TikTok.

The gorgeous model has worked with prominent brands through paid sponsorships and affiliate marketing promotions. Some brands she’s partnered with include PrettyLittleThing, Allow Beauty, SavageXFenty, Reb Dolls, Icon Swim, Skinny Teatox, Sommer Swim and more.

She also brings in income through merchandise sales, paid subscriber fan groups, YouTube ad revenue, clickbait links and branded merchandise. As her popularity continues rising, Eliyanah’s income streams and net worth grows.

Net Worth

While Monroe’s exact net worth is not publicly disclosed, various reports estimate it to be between $700,000 to $800,000 as of 2024. Considering her massive social media reach, high-paid sponsorship deals and multitude of income sources – her net worth will likely keep rising.

At just 22 years old, Eliyanah’s has an impressive net worth from her influencer career. She lives a comfortable, fashionable lifestyle in LA frequently posting designer fashion content and traveling worldwide. If she continues growing her audience and working with major brands – estimates indicate her net worth could reach $1 million by 2025.

Personal Life and Relationships

Unlike her public modeling persona, Eliyanah likes to keep her personal relationships out of the spotlight. Not much is known about her family aside from growing up in Los Angeles.

In terms of relationships – she prefers keeping that part of her life private as well. There were a few rumored relationships with athletes and musicians but nothing publicly confirmed.

Eliyanah seems to be currently single and completely focused on expanding her influencer success. She does have a close group of friends who appear frequently on her Instagram and TikTok accounts having fun. Monroe also has a lovable pet dog named Benji who can be seen in her social posts.

While her personal life is kept private – her social media shows Monroe enjoying life traveling, modeling for brands, driving luxury cars like a Range Rover and generally living the influencer high life in LA.

Quick Facts About Eliyanah:

  • Date of Birth: March 13, 2001
  • Current Age: 22 years old
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Mixed Black / White Descent
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Height: 5′ 7″
  • Hair Color: Typically dyed blonde but naturally dark brown.
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Relationship Status: Appears to be single
  • Children: None
  • Pets: Has a pet dog named Benji
  • College: Majored in Marketing & PR at a school in LA
  • Favorite Brands: FashionNova, SavageXFenty, Icon Swim, Nike, Gucci

Eliyanah Monroe’s Best Instagram Photos

Stunning Winter Wonderland Photoshoot

  • Eliyanah looks absolutely stunning in this white fur coat and hat winter photoshoot. The snowy mountain backdrop compliments her beautifully. Over 200k likes on this Instagram post!

Sexy Poolside Modeling

  • Lounging by the pool in a tiny red bikini, Monroe showcases her best assets. She credits Icon Swim for the sexy swimwear in this sun-kissed photoshoot.

Casual Street Style

  • Rocking a casual oversized graphic tee with biker shorts and sneakers – Eliyanah displays her unique fashion flair. She keeps her makeup simple with a natural beauty look.

Glamorous Makeup Tutorial Video

  • Monroe created a step-by-step makeup tutorial video for her TikTok and Instagram showing fans how to recreate her signature glam makeup style with Allow Beauty cosmetics. These makeup vids perform very well for her audience.

Eliyanah Monroe FAQs

Where is Eliyanah Monroe from?

She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California where she still currently resides. Monroe is an American.

How old is Eliyanah?

Monroe is 22 years old as of 2024. Her exact date of birth is March 13, 2001.

What’s Eliyanah’s height and measurements?

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her other body measurements are not publicly disclosed.

What is Eliyanah’s relationship status?

While her past relationships have been kept private, as of 2024 she appears to currently be single and focused on her career.

What’s Eliyanah’s net worth?

Estimates place her net worth between $700k to $800k as of 2024. This is expected to rise as her popularity and sponsorships continue to grow.

How much money does she make on OnlyFans?

Despite some rumors, as of now Eliyanah does not have an OnlyFans account. Her income comes from brand sponsorships, affiliates, merchandise etc.

What car does she drive?

She has posted photos with a white Range Rover that may be her personal vehicle along with sponsored luxury vehicles.

Is Eliyanah on YouTube?

Yes! She has a growing YouTube channel with 30k subscribers. She posts vlogs, beauty content and more. Eliyanah earns ad revenue from her YouTube videos.

So in summary, Eliyanah Monroe is a rising social media influencer, model and beauty entrepreneur from LA gaining fame on Instagram and TikTok. She has worked with many prominent brands and has amassed a small fortune by the young age of 22. With her popularity still rising, Monroe’s success shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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